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What is Better Marketing Mastery?
  Better Marketing Mastery combines the highest marketing approaches and result focused principles with a guerilla marketing foundation
to create masterful marketing and maximum profits
no matter what state the economy is in.
  Lectures/Presentations By Aunkh  Aakhu
How to Thrive in a Recession
Practical advice on overcoming the fears of being an entrepreneur in a recession, how to find motivation, and how to leverage better marketing to increase profits when everyone one else is fading away. It’s the first comprehensive presentation on marketing in tough times.
Secrets of Monetization
Money! It’s true nature seems to elude most of us. Everyone needs to make a lot of it to survive and thrive and so few people really know how. This presentation is not based in hype, but looks clearly at the scientific process of how money is generated in our society. You will discover 16 points of monetization that if properly understood will change your relationship to money... Forever!
Creating an Emergency Marketing Solution for Your Small Business
Small businesses are in an emergency state because of low profits, making it difficult to become clear about marketing while focusing shifts to survival issues. This program tackles why you have to market scientifically and master the three core skills of marketing in an emergency state.
Seven Steps to Success with Guerilla Marketing
Guerilla Marketing is the process of creating outstanding results using unconventional means. In this presentation Aunkh shows you how to compensate for having little money to invest in marketing. He also shows how to focus your marketing so you begin to grow and profit geometrically, by increasing not just the number of customers but the amount of transactions per customer, and the amount spent per transaction.
The 900 Billion Dollar Elephant in the Room
This presentation outlines why bailouts are deemed necessary and how the Black community can create its own bailout to strengthen its community and provide more opportunities and jobs for everyone. It shows how the largest African diasporic block (African Americans) can quickly become a power play on the world economic stage by facing the 900 Billion Dollar Elephant in the room.
7 Power Marketing Secrets to Generate Massive Profits Now!
Marketing can be a very complicated and costly venture if you do not understand the nuances that make it work. For most it is a mystical, luck-based phenomenon that tends to cause more pain than incite joy and success. This presentation demystifies marketing by revealing the secrets that only very successful entrepreneurs and marketing consultants realize, but (for obvious reasons) won’t share with the world. This program will equip small business in a new way to profit right away and consistently from their marketing. Hold on to your seat belts this one is explosive!
Also available as hands on workshops
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