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We love giving our customers great value. On this page you will find some of the gifts we have for your Business success.
What is Better Marketing Mastery?
  Better Marketing Mastery combines the highest marketing approaches and result focused principles with a guerilla marketing foundation
to create masterful marketing and maximum profits
no matter what state the economy is in.
  Better Marketing Mastery Training Series:  
This series is designed for the small business owner who understands that marketing is critical but just hasn't found the time to perfect the skill. Here is your chance to learn how major conglomerates launch their marketing campaigns. Launch your own successful campaign using the Guerilla marketing system developed by J. Conrad Levinson.

During this three month program you will develop the skills and strategies that you can implement in your marketing campaigns right now to create better results faster via two … ways.

Learn by doing.
As you are learning the process you will be actually launching a campaign of your own choosing. No more going to expensive seminars coming home only to forget the priceless information you have just learn. Since we know that the most important aspect of learning is application you will be applying this new knowledge in real time. By the end of the class you will have launched your own successful guerilla marketing campaign with results. This alone makes the class worth a lot more than the price offered.

Group Learning
When in an interactive group learning scenario tests sow that people general produce better results. You will be launching your guerilla campaign in this class aided by the presence of other business professionals. Learn the ins and out of marketing campaign management in class setting that encourages you to stay on track and produce the best results possible.

The synergy of this process is the key to improve your business fast. This class series is also our most economical offering . Call now for more info.
Also included when you inquire, is a $1800 discount voucher(for the grand opening only) to attend our results driven Better Marketing Mastery Training Workshop. (This workshop will give you tools and strategies that you can implement immediately to impact your bottom line, and master what works in marketing your product and satisfying your customers)

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