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We love giving our customers great value. On this page you will find some of the gifts we have for your Business success.
What is Better Marketing Mastery?
  Better Marketing Mastery combines the highest marketing approaches and result focused principles with a guerilla marketing foundation
to create masterful marketing and maximum profits
no matter what state the economy is in.
Better Marketing Mastery Premium Package
If you are a busy business owner who would rather focus on what you do well and you do not want to waste your valuable time attempting to create a marketing campaign yourself, we offer this service to you.
Through personalized effective consulting/coaching sessions we will draw from you everything you need to create a plan that represents your product and service. We will take that information and develop a guerilla marketing approach for all of the content graphics and design of your marketing campaign. This includes your choice of over one hundred marketing tools and invaluable cost effective advice on how to get the most bang for your buck. If you are concerned about tracking and measuring results, don't worry we will handle that as well. This entire Premium Package includes:

Market research,
Competitive advantage development, benefits listing,
Seven step marketing plan,
Marketing calendar
All marketing materials and systems needed
Tracking and testing
Website formatting and design,
Internet marketing and web automation,
Campaign launch organizing
Maintenance and improvement planning.
The Benefits of this package are:
(1) You will make more profits. We are looking at the bottom line in your campaign more sales is good but not good enough we want to raise your profits. From our assessment we will give a target profit goal for your product or service.
(2) You can breathe easy and feel comfortable knowing that your marketing (the real money making engine of your business) is being guided by a highly trained marketing professional. Not just a corporate marketing professional but someone trained in the art of helping small businesses develop simple but effective marketing systems(i.e. a Guerilla marketing specialist).
(3) When your marketing succeeds and the profits start rolling in you begin to enjoy life more, enjoy your business more and working on your business will become fun once again. The feeling of success that can be traced directly to your bottom line..........priceless.
(4) From the experience of working with us you will add so much in the way of knowledge and strategies to your personal marketing formula, that even if you only hire us one time you will become far more efficient and focused in your marketing. This will save you enormous amounts of time. We all know the business axiom, time is money.
(5) You will also know how to avoid making costly marketing mistakes.
6. Other than the consulting we only needed you to sign off on our work. It couldn't get any easier than that.
» Save a lot of time putting your campaign together
» Save a lot of money but not wasting it on unwise marketing decisions
» Benefit from the knowledge of resources a Guerilla marketing consultant
» Have someone there to ensure that you are always on track.
» Create a marketing campaign like big budget companies for a fraction of the cost.
» Learn the secrets of using guerilla marketing to build your business profitably with precision
» Simply create better results and maximum profits.
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