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We love giving our customers great value. On this page you will find some of the gifts we have for your Business success.
What is Better Marketing Mastery?
  Better Marketing Mastery combines the highest marketing approaches and result focused principles with a guerilla marketing foundation
to create masterful marketing and maximum profits
no matter what state the economy is in.

In recent times marketing has been given a bad name, thanks to high pressure sales tactics, over consumption of advertising messages and most importantly just plain bad marketing. This leads to a very cluttered, yet over simplified and superficial understanding of marketing by the average small business person. It is the above average who seeks to have a deeper knowledge of marketing to avoid the pitfalls that lead to failure in business, which is always a looming threat if profitability is not where it needs to be.  
Unfortunately the current business climate will not allow someone to use the same old and tired marketing methods and ideas to amass huge profits and success. It just doesn’t work that way anymore, if it ever did in the first place.
Enter Better Marketing Mastery, a brand new Company founded on that very same principle that good enough is no longer good enough; nowadays to win you simply have to be better, and Better Marketing Mastery is your ticket to getting there quickly and effectively.



MarketingTrainer/Consultant/Coach Aunkh Aakhu 

is trained in and specializes in Guerilla Marketing the most successful marketing system for small business. He has refined the approaches of guerilla marketing for the current times with a system he calls; Emergency Marketing Solution. This formula is perfect for small business people who are not experiencing adequate profits and looking for a quick turnaround to jump start their cash flow. 
Aunkh Aakhu’s methodologies have already helped many small businesses down the path of business success. He is known for his personable, informative and engaging approach that eliminates marketing complications and misconceptions and makes marketing what it is supposed to be, easy, fun and rewarding.
This allows clients to focus on what really matters in small business fulfilling customer needs and being profitable. As a marketing Trainer Consultant, Coach he constantly carries a new message for new world of business, which is when marketing is done right everybody wins.

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